Persib Coach Wants To Retain His Foreign Players

2021-01-24 08:20

Persib Coach Wants To Retain His Foreign Players

There is no certainty about the contract from Persib's management for the foreign players.

BANDUNG - The Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) dissolved the League 1 and 2 competitions for the 2020 season. In its release, PSSI also returned the player's contract policy to the club with reference to force majeure.

The Persib Bandung coach, Robert Rene Alberts, admitted that the team had not taken any steps after the decision because they were still waiting for the official PSSI letter. Including the matter of contracts which are the domain of Persib's management

"Regarding foreign players, regarding the contract and regarding the contract, we must speak directly to Teddy (Persib director) who manages the player's contract," said Robert, Friday (22/1).

Robert expressed his desire to continue the team using his four foreign players. Moreover, Persib became one of the teams that managed to defend the four foreign players without any of them resigning from the team.

"I certainly want to continue with all the four foreign players we have at the moment. But this is not only my decision, but also the decision of the player himself," said Robert.

Robert did not force players to defend because it was the player's right. But as a coach, of course Robert tries to be able to use his four players who are already well integrated with the team.

"If they decide to continue with Persib it's out of my control, so let's hope that foreign players who join in 2020 can continue in the 2021 season," said Robert.

Persib has four foreign players, namely Nick Kuipers, Geoffrey Castillion, Wander Luiz, and Omid Nazari. Until now, there has been no certainty about the contract from Persib's management, including whether the player has expired his contract or taken an additional contract option.

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