PSIS Ask Stakeholders to Meet Next Season

2021-01-23 20:24

PSIS Ask Stakeholders to Meet Next Season

This is related to the cancellation of the 2020 Indonesian League by PSSI.

SEMARANG - PSIS Semarang President Director (CEO) AS Sukawijaya invites stakeholders in the world of national football to look directly at the upcoming competition. This is related to the cancellation of League 1Indonesia 2020 by PSSI.

"It would be nice if all football stakeholders prepare and look at the next competition. With careful preparation, there will be a higher quality competition," said the man who is familiarly called Yoyok Sukawiitu in a press release, Wednesday (20/1).

Yoyok appreciated the decisions of PSSI and PT LIB, which are currently fighting to make the competition run again. "However, it is indeed tough to hold a competition in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic," he explained.

Yoyok also hopes that all parties can accept the decision and not blame each other. After the pandemic subsided, he continued, slowly the atmosphere of football that the public had longed for would return.

Furthermore, Yoyok said PSIS management would facilitate the players to continue to maintain their respective conditions while waiting for the competition to roll. According to him, PSIS has two fields that can be used by players to maintain their condition.

source: Antara

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