Qatar World Cup - Molas scores hat-trick as Portugal thrash Switzerland 6-1

2022-12-07 08:58

Qatar World Cup - Molas scores hat-trick as Portugal thrash Switzerland 6-1

Another top 8 match of the World Cup in Qatar started at the Lusail Stadium, Portugal against Switzerland. Moras scored 3 goals and staged a hat-trick to help Portugal beat Switzerland 6-1.

First Half

In the 17th minute, Ramos received a pass from Felix in the penalty area, shot from the left side of the penalty area and successfully scored. Portugal scored the first point.

In the 29th minute, Shaqiri of Switzerland took a free kick, but unfortunately the ball went over the goal.

In the 33rd minute, Fernandez took a corner kick, Pepe jumped high in front of the goal and scored with a header, scoring the second point for Portugal.

In the 37th minute, Eddie Milson made a cross from the right, and Floyler headed the goal, which was resolved one by one by Portuguese players and goalkeepers.

Second Half

In the 51st minute, Dalot made a cross from the right side of the penalty area, and Moras pushed a shot near the goal. The ball successfully entered the net and Portugal took the third point lightly.

In the 55th minute, Moras assisted and passed the ball, Guerrero shot in the penalty area, Portugal scored the fourth point and took the lead.

In the 58th minute, Switzerland finally regained 1 point. The Swiss player took a corner kick, and Akanji pushed an empty goal, scoring 1 point for Switzerland.

In the 67th minute, Ramos received a pass from Felix again and successfully scored in the penalty area. Moras completed a hat-trick and Portugal scored the fifth point.

In the 90+2 minute, Guerrero passed the ball, Leon took the ball into the penalty area and shot, Portugal scored the sixth point.

At the end of the game, Portugal beat Switzerland 6-1 and successfully advanced to the top 8. The next round will be against Morocco.