Qatar World Cup - Referee sent home by FIFA after 18 yellow cards

2022-12-13 08:04

Qatar World Cup - Referee sent home by FIFA after 18 yellow cards

In the top 4 battle between Argentina and the Netherlands, Argentina entered a penalty shootout and beat the Netherlands 4-3. However, in this game, the referee Antonio gave a total of 18 yellow cards and 1 red card, which angered many people. After that, FIFA also made a decision to send Antonio home and will not participate in the next game.

Antonio kept sending yellow cards to Argentine and Dutch players during the game. The players on the bench were inexplicably recruited, and even the assistant coach of Argentina did not let go of sending out a yellow card. This move made the players on both sides very dissatisfied and almost clashed.

Dumfries of the Netherlands received 2 yellow cards alone, and was sent off directly to a red card. This is the game with the most yellow cards sent out in a single World Cup match.

After the game, the Argentine star Messi was asked by reporters about the referee's actions. Messi said he was dissatisfied, but Messi did not want to negotiate with the referee because he was worried that he would be punished. However, Messi bluntly said that FIFA should not allow Antonio to officiate this game. Obviously Antonio does not have the ability to do this job.

According to foreign media reports, FIFA seems to have heard Messi's wish, and has now let Antonio leave Qatar to go home and will not enforce the next World Cup .