Reimbursement for this season Neuer broke his leg while skiing

2022-12-11 08:44

Reimbursement for this season Neuer broke his leg while skiing

Bayern Munich and Germany goalkeeper Neuer recently announced on his personal social media that he accidentally broke his calf while skiing on vacation. Although he has undergone surgery, he is still forced to bid farewell to the season early.

Neuer posted a photo of lying on the hospital bed after the operation on his personal social media, and he also posted a paragraph saying, "Hi everyone, what I can say is that it will definitely get better at the end of this year. When I am in While on a ski trip and trying to clear my head, I broke my calf. Yesterday's surgery went very well, thanks to the doctors. Still sad to know the season is over for me. "

Germany coach wishes Neuer a speedy recovery

In addition, Kahn , chairman of Bayern Munich's board of directors, said in an interview with the media, "The news of Neuer's injury shocked all of us, but we will stand by his side and accompany Neuer on his way back. Neuer will come back from this injury and come back strong like the previous one."

Bayern Munich sports director Salihamidzic also said, "It's really terrible that something like this happened to Neuer. Of course we will all be with him. I communicated with him yesterday and today, and the operation is also carried out. It's going well. Neuer will have all the support. He has a great personality and he will be back. Wish him all the best and he can count on the club."

In addition, the German national team coach Flick also wished Neuer a speedy recovery.

In the 2022 World Cup , the 36-year-old Neuer played 3 times on behalf of the German national team and conceded 5 goals, while Germany finally stopped in the group stage.