Rivaldo: Barcelona Salah did not immediately sell Lionel Messi

2021-02-10 01:16

Rivaldo: Barcelona Salah did not immediately sell Lionel Messi

Barcelona should emulate Real Madrid who successfully sold Cristiano Ronaldo.

JAKARTA - Barcelona legend, Rivaldo said, Barcelona made a mistake by not selling Lionel Messi immediately. Certainty about the future of Messi is still widely discussed considering that his contract period at Barcelona will end this summer.

"The council previously made the mistake of not selling Messi while he was under contract," said Rivaldod quoted from Marca , Saturday (30/1).

Rivaldo thinks Barca could do something similar to what Real Madrid did to Cristiano Ronaldo. Madrid sold Ronaldo to Juventus and made around 100 million euros.

"It hurts to see how a very talented player will leave Barcelona for free at a time when the club is experiencing so many financial problems. For me, Messi's departure is inevitable," said Rivaldo.

Barcelona's debt is now 1.173 billion euros. This puts the club in a dangerous fiscal situation, with several threats of bankruptcy. Although Rivaldo believes there are assets to sell in the Barca squad.

"With (Philippe) Coutinho's departure, Barcelona can use (Ousmane) Dembele and (Antoine) Griezmann, who help ensure a future," explained the Brazilian.

Apart from that, said Rivaldo, Coutinho has a good reputation in England, while things have not gone well for Coutinho in Spain.

"I am happy to see Riqui Puig stand out more, the boy shows his value. He has a great personality. He reminds me of the young Xavi (Hernandez), who appeared when I was part of the squad," concluded Rivaldo.

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