Santos: Disappointed to qualify, it's a warning

2022-12-03 14:22

Santos: Disappointed to qualify, it's a warning

Portugal lost 2-1 to South Korea in the final group stage of the World Cup .

Portugal coach Santos said after the game that they knew that South Korea was a high-level team, and the opponent's players never gave up the game. They also tried many ways to stop South Korea from attacking and created some scoring chances. Portugal lost their organization in the closing moments, allowing South Korea to take better control of the game. They lost focus and the opponent managed to score on a counter-attack.

Santos said that although they have advanced, they are still very disappointed because they want to win the game and play better to gain more confidence. Santos believed in his team and said it was a warning.

According to South Korean media reports, Ronaldo's performance was the worst in the game, and he even gave a big gift to his opponent, giving South Korea a chance to equalize the score. At the end of the first half, Ronaldo's header went wide of the goal, as if there was someone defending him. Ronaldo is South Korea's number one contributor to qualifying from the group.

There was also a small episode in this game. When Ronaldo and the other three were replaced, there was a verbal conflict with Korean player Cao Guicheng. Cao Guicheng responded to this after the game. He said that he told Ronaldo and the others to leave quickly when they were substituted, and they scolded him in Portuguese as Caralho . They cursed each other a few words.