Santos resigns after eight years in charge of Portugal

2022-12-16 09:04

Santos resigns after eight years in charge of Portugal

The Portuguese national team made an official announcement today that Santos officially resigned as coach, so Santos' 8-year career in coaching the Portuguese national team was declared over.

The 68-year-old Santos coached the Portuguese national team in September 2014 and led the team to participate in 109 games. He also achieved 67 wins, 23 draws and 19 losses. This data also makes Santos the Portuguese national team history. The coach with the 3rd highest winning percentage.

In addition, Santos has also led Portugal to participate in two European Cups and two World Cups . In the 2016 European Cup, Santos led Portugal to the championship, and Portuguese star Ronaldo finally won the international championship. In the 2018 World Cup, Portugal only reached the quarter-finals and was eliminated by Uruguay.

In the 2020 European Cup, Portugal stopped in the quarter-finals and was eliminated by Belgium that year. In this World Cup, Portugal successfully entered the quarter-finals, but was eventually eliminated by Morocco 1-0.

Bernardo Silva thanks Santos

In fact, the contract between Santos and the Portuguese national team will not expire until 2024, but Portugal has not been able to achieve satisfactory results in the 2022 World Cup, and Ronaldo has not been reused. Santos has been criticized by the outside world, including Ronaldo's girlfriend also criticized Santos on social media and believed that it was a wrong decision to put Ronaldo on the bench.

On the other hand, although Portugal was unfortunately eliminated from the game against Morocco last week, Portuguese midfielder Bernardo Silva still posted on social media to thank Santos for his efforts for the team.

Bernardo Silva said in the article, "Thanks to our Mr. Santos, almost 8 years ago you led Portugal to win the only two championship titles in team history, of course there were happy and sad moments, but the most important What is more, the honor of working with a great man will remain forever in our football history."