Struggling at the same rank, just because you underestimate your teammates too much?

2022-12-17 15:30

Struggling at the same rank, just because you underestimate your teammates too much?

There are two weeks left in the day, and the S29 season will officially end. So far, there are still many players who have not obtained the mark of the king. They continue to complain on the Internet that there is a big problem with the king mechanism. How does one succeed in scoring? I don’t know if it’s because the difficulty of the game is high, or I’m not good enough, why I can’t always win the game, take time to play the game and rank, the rank does not rise but falls, in the end it’s a waste of time, it’s better not to play, the distance from the strongest king is getting closer more distant.

Powerless to fly

During the game, do you have an idea that all teammates are not as good as direct matches, and the game requires 100% strength. If you spend 200%, you still can’t take your teammates away. Is the canyon not saved? The game Should it be deleted? This is not the case, everyone is at the same level, starting from the low level, why do other players climb to the high level, while you stagnate, stay where you are dying? At this time, you need to think and reflect, what went wrong?

Great players easily score

It is said that there are two types of players who can reach high ranks . The first type is the so-called "Great Players". Just like a schoolmaster, he can adjust his equipment and style of play at any time according to the situation and lineup. Similar top players, if they are matched with low-level teammates, it is undeniable that they do have the ability to fly, and it doesn't matter if the teammates are weak. It is obviously a five-player competitive game, and it has become a one-on-five, which has long been a daily routine.

Why do players with no strength have a higher rank than others?

The second type of players who can score higher. In the eyes of outsiders, they are miracles. Their strength does not match their rank. Have you ever thought about how such players score? Did you team up with your friends and be taken away? The answer is wrong.

We often criticize that Honor of Kings is no longer a competitive game. There are many obstacles in the matching mechanism in the game. It seems that luck is more important than strength. In fact, mentality determines everything. Have you accidentally played a five-player matching game as a stand-alone game?