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Ex-Malaysia goalkeeper Azmin makes big strides in...

Former national goalkeeper Azmin Azram Abdul Aziz had a big win as Vietnam coach.

2023-08-29 15:19

Malaysia team Hanoi FC Azmin Azram Abdul Aziz football Paul Foini Vietnam First Division

Abdul Aziz Makes Sure to Stay at Persib

Aziz admitted that there were offers from other clubs to him.

2022-04-24 19:43

Abdul Aziz Akbar Persib Liga 1

Abdul Aziz Takes Use of Persib's Holiday Time...

Usually training activities are done asar, 4 to half past 6 in the afternoon

2022-04-23 11:10

Abdul Aziz Akbar Persib Liga 1

Midfielder Persib Rejects Offer from Malaysian Clu...

According to him, he still has many considerations to stay at Persib.

2021-02-22 08:15

Abdul Aziz Persib Bandung Liga 1 2020

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