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Losing to Persebaya, this is the response from Pel...

In that match, Persebaya won with a score of 2-0

2022-08-05 01:31

Angel Alfredo Vera Persebaya Persita Liga 1

Defeat Persita, Persebaya Get First Victory in Lea...

Sho Yamamoto and Rizky Ridho . scored two of Persebaya's winning goals

2022-08-05 00:39

Rizky Ridho Persebaya Persita Liga 1 Aji Santoso

Osas Saha Becomes the New Strength of Persita Tang...

Osas Saha has had a career in Indonesia since 2008 strengthening a number of clubs.

2022-07-27 19:43

league 1 league indonesia perita tangerang persita osas saha

Persita: We Are Ready to Compete in Liga 1

The Persita players are getting more compact and ready to navigate the Liga 1 competition

2022-07-24 05:00

Persita Tangerang Liga 1 Widodo C Putro Alfredo Vera

This is the message of Persita Senior Players ahea...

Toha Persita players can continue to be compact in the face of League 1 competition

2022-07-22 06:32

Muhammad Toha Persita League 1

Ahead of the Liga 1 Kickoff, Persita Renovates the...

Indomilk Arena Stadium has a capacity of 15,000 spectators.

2022-07-08 01:03

Indomilk Arena Stadium Persita Liga 1

Exactly End President's Cup without Points in...

Exactly defeated by Persita Tangerang 0-1 in the last match of Group A of the 2022 President's C...

2022-07-01 09:07

President's Cup 2022 Presidential Cup results exactly solo perita tangerang exactly vs persita

Semen Padang will evaluate players after the Java...

Previously, Semen Padang held a trial with Persikas Subang

2022-07-01 05:02

Semen Padang FC Persita Tangerang Liga 2 Liga 1

Four Teams Fight for Group A Runner-up Status in T...

PSS Sleman, Persita Tangerang, Dewa United and Persis are not yet safe.

2022-06-29 09:08

PSS Sleman Persita Tangerang Dewa United exactly solo 2022 presidential cup

Persita Tangerang Targets Three Points Against Per...

The competition for the runner-up position in Group A is still open, after PSIS confirms the group w...

2022-06-29 02:34

persita tangerang persita persita coach Angel Alfredo Vera perita tangerang vs.

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