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Inter Milan in Bologna to regain the title

The defending Serie A champions Inter Milan will beat Bologna away in the 34th round of the Serie A,...

2022-04-26 15:36

Serie A Inter Milan AC Milan Bologna

9 Bologna players forced Juventus to draw in Turin

Thanks to this result, Juventus is still in fourth place in the standings

2022-04-17 07:03

Dusan Vlahovic Juventus Bologna Italian League

Mihajlovic Satisfied With Bologna Draw Against Mil...

This is the first match since Mihajlovic returned to the hospital

2022-04-10 07:08

Sinisa Mihajlovic Bologna AC Milan vs Bologna Milan

After Milan was held to a draw with Bologna, this...

I completely exclude the idea that it is a psychological problem.

2022-04-10 06:33

Stefano Pioli AC Milan vs Bologna

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