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◤Liga Indonesia 1◢ 147 killed in stampede followi...

Yet another disheartening news which resulted in fans' death following a riot in a football match ag...

2022-10-02 16:35

Liga Indonesia 1 Arema Malang Persebaya Surabaya fan unrest violent riot death

Bhayangkara Evaluation of Ball Control and Front L...

Evaluation was done after they played away to Persik.

2022-08-06 19:08

bhayangkara fc persebaya vs peach league 1

Losing to Persebaya, this is the response from Pel...

In that match, Persebaya won with a score of 2-0

2022-08-05 01:31

Angel Alfredo Vera Persebaya Persita Liga 1

Defeat Persita, Persebaya Get First Victory in Lea...

Sho Yamamoto and Rizky Ridho . scored two of Persebaya's winning goals

2022-08-05 00:39

Rizky Ridho Persebaya Persita Liga 1 Aji Santoso

Liga 1: Persikabo Successfully Secures Full Points...

Persikabo beat Persebaya 1-0 through Gustavo Tocantins' penalty goal.

2022-07-27 06:09

league 1 indonesian league persikabo persebaya persikabo vs persebaya

Liga 1: First Half, Persikabo Vs Persebaya without...

Persikabo and Persebaya failed to maximize opportunities throughout the first half.

2022-07-27 04:37

league 1 league indonesia new indonesia league persikabo persebaya persikabo vs persebaya

Persebaya defender praises Persikabo's strengt...

Rizky Ridho expressed his commitment to fight optimally in the field

2022-07-27 02:10

Rizky Ridho Persebaya Persikabo Liga 1

This is Persebaya's plan after being kicked ou...

Persebaya is not in the best condition because many stars are left behind.

2022-06-25 03:08

persebaya surabaya vs bali united persebaya surabaya aji santoso president cup 2022

Bali United Turns Focus to AFC Cup

Bali United has left the location of the President's Cup.

2022-06-25 02:36

bali united persebaya surabaya vs bali united bali united focus afc cup

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