Team-mates Make Good Translations For Cavani

2021-02-05 03:06

Team-mates Make Good Translations For Cavani

Solskjaer admitted that United's squad learned a lot from Cavani.

MANCHESTER - Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani gave a sincere message to Manchester United fans via the club's social media last week. However, due to language barriers, the figure from Uruguay wrote in Spanish.

Cavani is not fluent in English after arriving at Old Trafford on October 5. Moreover, Cavani spent seven years in France and several seasons living in Italy.

However, the language barrier was not a big problem for the team. Because the players helped Cavani become his personal translator, as did Nemanja Matic and Paul Pogba.

"I see players talking to each other all the time and of course, Edinson with his experience can be very helpful. He was there as a mentor," said Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as quoted from the Manchester Evening News website , Wednesday (27) / 1).

Solskjaer admitted that United's squad learned a lot from Cavani. With open arms, Cavani shared his knowledge and of course with the help of his personal translator.

"It doesn't matter if it is Marcus, Dan, Anthony or Mason, they have to learn from Edinson and get more and more humble and hungry for knowledge. Edinson has been in every position to score a goal, just a goal or a goal to decide victory, there is much they can do. learn from him, "said Solskjaer.

Solskjaer also felt lucky that Cavani got help from his team-mates. This makes Cavani, or other non-English speaking players, not embarrassed to express opinions or convey messages because there are players who help.

"Some of the coaches speak several languages. Unfortunately I don't, I regret that at school I didn't speak Spanish. German didn't help me much in England," said Solskjaer.

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