Teco Hopes PSSI Ensures the 2021 Competition Schedule

2021-01-24 06:22

Teco Hopes PSSI Ensures the 2021 Competition Schedule

This will influence team preparation and negotiations with players and sponsors.

JAKARTA - The coach of Bali United Stafano Cugurra "Teco" hopes that PSSI will immediately decide when the new season competition will be held. This was after previously through the Exco meeting, PSSI officially stopped the 2020 League 1 total with a status without a champion and relegation or promotion.

"Hopefully this year's League 1 in Indonesia can be carried out soon. Poor team and players because it has been almost a year without competition," said Tecod, quoted from the club's official website monitored from Jakarta, Thursday (21/1).

In the Exco meeting, PSSI only decided that the 2020 Indonesian League 1 competition was stopped. Meanwhile, the official notification of the time for the new competition has not yet been decided.

For Teco, the announcement of the time when the competition will be held must be announced as soon as possible because it will affect the team's preparation and include negotiations with players and sponsors.

On the other hand, the team nicknamed Serdadu Tridatu will face the AFC Cup competition, so it is appropriate to prepare early to achieve the highest achievement. "The sooner it is done, the better it is for us to have the quality of football in Indonesia. We still pay attention to health protocols," he said.

Teco together with the ranks of the team of coaches and officials are still providing online training programs to all Tridatu Serdadu players. Hope and clarity of the competition are still awaited in order to realize the training program that has been prepared for Fadil and his friends.

source: Antara

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