The artificial intelligence has evolved again, and the qualifying match is mixed with players to talk together.

2023-05-26 15:08

The artificial intelligence has evolved again, and the qualifying match is mixed with players to talk together.

Artificial intelligence is gradually evolving. No one thought that it would start to occupy the media industry first. Whether it is design, editing, photography, etc., it saves a lot of effort. Almost a button can generate the most ideal works for users, and there is no need to go to the church in person. Tweak any setting, and is human creativity starting to fail in its own laziness?

Going back to e-sports games, in fact artificial intelligence is nothing new. The game has long had a human-computer mode. There is also a rumor in the community that if there are not enough people in the match, the system will arrange a computer to form a team with you or be your opponent. The situation will appear in the low segment. In order to enhance the cuteness of the game experience, so we can't let them fight real players quickly, otherwise they will be abused to doubt life, order silver, glory gold, will often encounter man and machine.

In the past, the man-machine intensity was low

In the past, the man-machine strength was extremely low, and the common situation was to play each side. Two heroes were played in the confrontation road and the growth road, and the fifth hero was in the middle road. Zi, KDA is extremely eye-catching, basically you have the upper hand and brutally abuse the opponent. After about six to ten minutes, the man-machine opponent will initiate a surrender and win a qualifying match. It is very simple.

The starting point of man-machine is to enhance confidence

After all, matchmaking masters will have fried fish, and the enthusiasm of novices will be extinguished quickly, and they will retreat immediately after a while, so the official has found a man-machine to satisfy Mengxin's sense of accomplishment and vanity, and has a certain Only when the skills and ranks of the human beings are available can they officially match human beings. The bad acting skills of man and machine will not cause any negative effects. For all players, it is not a good memory. It is the official that boosts our self-confidence, which gives us the courage and motivation to continue fighting until now. From a The military support behind it has developed into a jungler with flying or a shooter with core output.

All this is the glory of the king many years ago. With the passage of time, AI technology has become more and more mature, and human and machine are no longer weak chickens, or those green leaf actors who deliberately make you score higher. Their footprints can be said to have come to Xingyao The level and operation of the game, even the game of the king, will never lose to the average player. Recently, some players found that in their qualifying match, a super-intelligent man-machine appeared. chilling.