The earthquake in the canyon, the ominous sign became the mainstream armor and weakened a large number of heroes. (two)

2022-12-19 15:12

The earthquake in the canyon, the ominous sign became the mainstream armor and weakened a large number of heroes. (two)

Heroes who rely on basic attack output are not limited to shooters. Most assassins and warriors also rely on attack speed to deal outstanding damage. They can knock down with one knife, hit with one hit, and instantly kill the opponent without leaving any traces. Now the ominous sign has become attack speed. The hero's biggest nemesis, everyone is very concerned about whether Ma Chao, who has exceeded the standard, will be affected. It is a lie to say that he is not at all. Fortunately, he can be offset by the shadow blade. This hero is still the most beloved undefeated fighter of the great gods.

Not every hero can use equipment to offset 50% of the deceleration. Lu Bu, Kai, Old Master and Cao Cao have no such luck. Lu Bu has just found a glimmer of hope from the darkness. The half-meat suit was eliminated and dropped from the T0 list. , became a fighter with a high appearance rate but a low winning rate, and lost the title of the strongest fighter.

There are so many secrets taught by the great gods. Everyone has learned the one-sword style. If Lu Bu wants to continue to survive in the current version, he can only play instant kill and end the opponent with one knife. After the equipment is formed in the later stage, the attack power may not reach this level. Attack and harvest. Lu Bu's first and third skills are range output. If he accidentally hits an opponent who bought an ominous sign, it will be even more difficult to continue chasing the enemy after suffering the deceleration effect.

The most influential one is Cao Cao . Do you remember what his passive is? Every time you use a skill, you get 10% attack speed, and you can stack up to five layers. When other heroes can use equipment to offset the passive effect of the equipment, you can escape the predicament for yourself. Poor Cao Cao, the passive is directly abolished. Next season, definitely No play, hard work Cao Cao players.

hapless assassin

Some assassins don’t focus on basic attacks, but they need basic attacks. The new passive of ominous signs cuts them alive. Zhao Yun is the best example. After being used by players to test the experience server, he bluntly said that he wanted to bury this hero alive. , it seems that the damage is ridiculously low, and the weak chicken is about to be eliminated again. Imagine that without the inscription and without the attack speed equipment, the full level can vomit up to 28% of the attack speed, and after a 50% deceleration, the attack speed will immediately become negative.

Even so, the official still did not go so extreme. In the case of 0% attack speed, the effect is halved, but the attack speed of minus 11% is really unacceptable. Speed, add another ominous sign, the scene seems to be edited into slow motion, the opponent's game experience is extremely poor.