The earthquake in the canyon, the ominous sign became the mainstream armor and weakened a large number of heroes.

2022-12-19 15:08

The earthquake in the canyon, the ominous sign became the mainstream armor and weakened a large number of heroes.

The S30 season is about to start, and the content of the version changes has been revealed one after another. First of all, the new hero Lexio will be launched after the game update. As for the ownership of the battle order skin, it is determined that Chang'e and 暃, the season and season skins are respectively given to Sang Qi and Pangu , the wild area again involves changes, adding small wild monsters, changing the blue buff area, and increasing the income of the line at the beginning of the middle lane. What adjustments will there be in terms of equipment?

Electrosurgical revision

The equipment that caused the earthquake in the canyon in recent seasons is the electric knife . This piece of equipment has allowed many heroes to rise up, especially the weakened dark letter in the confrontation road. Relying on the attack speed to break through the sky, years of decline finally see the light of day, and the attack power is far better than that of multi-stage shooters.

For attack speed heroes, the electric knife is almost a necessity. This season, all physical attack heroes specialize in attack speed. The S30 season planner decided to make adjustments to the defensive equipment. Heroes with too high intensity of basic attack, especially Descendant and Jia Luo, when paired with Xiao Ming, the damage is extremely astonishing, and the explosive power in the later stage cannot be underestimated.

Bad Omen nerfs attack speed heroes

In the canyon, the defensive artifact is the anti-injury armor, which has the highest defense and is suitable for attacking the favorite assassin, returning a certain amount of burst damage to the opponent. The power is much higher than the anti-injury armor. In order to cope with the version of the rise of attack speed heroes, it has become the best equipment. Therefore, I believe it will become the mainstream armor in the future, causing many heroes to suffer, and the strength is indirectly weakened by it. Let's see Let's see which hero unfortunately can't escape the target of the version.

unlucky shooter

Let’s talk about shooters first. Most shooters use “attack speed flow”, “magic ball flow” or “crit strike flow” as their main gameplay. For example, descendants, Di Renjie, and Jia Luo are typical basic attack heroes. Urgent, let me tell you a piece of good news, none of them were affected. Sun Shangxiang, Genghis Khan and Li Yuanfang may be a little weak in the S30 season. The master recommends them to play the fast game and use the Star Breaker with the Shadow Blade to reduce the impact of ominous signs. Otherwise, it will go back to the usual dawn and rapid combat boots, and the 50% deceleration effect may not be enough. The rhythmic ability will be slowed down, and Li Yuanfang can change the equipment to cast the dream and chase the wind to deal with it.