The experience server has been greatly updated, and the long-lost auxiliary serious injury equipment will be launched soon?

2022-12-03 15:04

The experience server has been greatly updated, and the long-lost auxiliary serious injury equipment will be launched soon?

The experience server is ushering in a big update. It seems that it is preparing and planning new content for the next season . Changes to the jungle area, the addition of new wild monsters, the division of jungle economy, and the adjustment of ancient creatures. I believe these adjustments will affect the future season. The rhythm of the game once again tested the skills of junglers.

A few seasons ago, the auxiliary positioning was officially improved, fully optimized and strengthened, and the pertinence is not inferior to that of ordinary assassins. The advantage of assassins is that they are flexible and have a high economy. However, auxiliary is the real laning nightmare for shooters. The function can add attributes to teammates. , plus shields, continuous control, high defense, taunting skills, etc., so the number of people playing support is increasing.

Auxiliary equipment for passive skills

There are several options for auxiliary equipment, such as Jiying increases attack speed and cooldown reduction for the whole team, Guard Glory increases defense power, Wings of Redemption has active skills, after clicking, it increases the protection of friendly heroes within the range from 680 to 1800 Shield, as for the Wolf Emblem, it is suitable for starting a team first. Within 3 seconds, all teammates within 3 seconds will increase the movement speed, with a maximum increase of 50% to 260%. If attacked or attacked by an opponent, it will be invalid immediately.

Auxiliary equipment for active skills

Not only that, but Xingzhaojian comes with an active skill that deals damage to enemies within 1200 range 4 times within 2 seconds. Each time it deals 6% of the current life's magic damage and a 50% deceleration. It is obviously a group control and group damage. The auxiliary equipment can also be used to explore the grass and expose the hero's vision.

Xingquan, establish a connection with a teammate within the range, increase its 30% damage avoidance and share 50% of its damage, last for 2 seconds, exceed a certain distance, the connection will be automatically disconnected, this equipment is a small number of players Purchase, after all, the assistant is already the bodyguard of the shooter, responsible for eating the damage, and there is no need to share the damage. The badge of the running wolf and the lessons learned from the shape have already become exclusive equipment for supporting gods and professional players, and it is very practical in KPL competitions.

Auxiliary serious injury equipment available

After understanding all the auxiliary equipment , there is actually a small bug, where is the serious injury equipment? There are many heroes with high recovery ability. As a support, there is no equipment to deal with this. Instead, it is unreasonable to require shooters and mages to use sanctions and nightmares to restrain blood recovery, and to output heroes with functional equipment.

The experience server was updated, and the serious injury equipment finally ushered in a new member, named "Qiming Heavy Armor", which is used to reduce the attacker's blood recovery, especially for heroes like Cheng Yaojin.