The experience server was updated on the 16th, and the income of the middle lane finally increased?

2022-12-17 15:36

The experience server was updated on the 16th, and the income of the middle lane finally increased?

A few days ago, the Glory of Kings experience server was updated, involving many changes and adjustments, including the wild area and the middle lane. After the news broke, netizens bluntly said that the middle lane finally ushered in the dawn. Not much to say, let’s take a look at the middle lane now What is affected.

There is no mage's exclusive small wild monster

First of all, the income of the mid-lane soldiers will be improved. Players who play mages on weekdays should know that the mid-lane has eaten a lot of versions of the subsistence allowances. In one season, they even became toolmen directly. The pinnacle, taken over by the controlling mage, ushered in the first day. The support has support stones, does not eat economy, and is classified as a mid-lane mage. Occasionally, he needs to give troops to his teammates to speed up development. He is also an output hero and deals spell damage. He is always in the position behind in economy. output.

On the other hand, there are experienced soldiers in the confrontation road, and they can be promoted to level 4 as soon as possible. The development road has economic soldiers, which can quickly increase the economy. Guess what is in the middle road? Nothing at all. There is only a small river crab next to the middle lane, and you have to fight to the death with the opponent. The point is that the little wild monster is not for the middle lane, but a jungle hero. The mage is really wronged.

Increased minion revenue in the first four minutes

The official has finally realized the crisis of the mid laner. This update of the experience server is finally willing to increase the profit of the line of soldiers by four minutes, which means that the development and upgrade speed of the mage in the early stage will be increased, but it is only limited to the first four minutes, and it will not let the mage rise. , the specific effect will have to wait for the official server to be updated, maybe in the S30 season, it is the turn of the mage to improve his status.

In the past few seasons, we have witnessed the return of the dull shot to the peak, the combat effectiveness of the fighters against the road has soared, and the support has been fully optimized. In order to go back to Guta again, the economy will always be the last second. If you want to achieve the realm of instant killing, you may have to endure it until the middle and late stages.

Speaking of Xiaohexie, the official also decided to make adjustments. The refresh interval was changed from once every two minutes to once every minute, but the experience was reduced to half. For the jungler, the income became lower, and for the middle lane, the income increased.