The jungler has become a sinner through the ages, and the shooter is the key to victory?

2022-12-17 15:33

The jungler has become a sinner through the ages, and the shooter is the key to victory?

Five positions, three lanes, this is the unchanging law of MOBA games, each position has its own exclusive responsibility, fighters resist damage, shooters remote output, mages supplement damage, assist roaming support, and junglers have always been the team The core position, clearing the wild, fighting dragons, and catching people, has the dominance of the rhythm of the game.

no longer play jungle

Some players bluntly said that the jungler is the fastest position to score. With the help of the jungler and the head bounty, he quickly became the hero with the highest economy in the team, playing an advantage for other lanes, pressing the line and tower, and pushing to the high ground. It sounds like jungler has become the most popular position, but have you noticed that fewer and fewer players are playing jungler in qualifying?

Every time a matchmaking team hits a position, it is obvious that one of the teammate's favorite heroes is an assassin , and he has played thousands of games in the jungle. In the end, he would rather choose a support or a mage, rather than play an assassin, causing the game to restart. The biggest change in the S29 season is the wild area. There are protection values in the early stage, and the growth of the jungler is accelerated. ?

If you do anything less, you will be scolded

For those who have watched "Spider-Man 3", the most impressive line should be "With great power comes great responsibility". Regardless of the rapid development of the jungler, the economy is far away from the opponent, and it is very fun to fight everywhere. , the actual tasks are heavy and the responsibilities are busy. First of all, the jungler must ensure that he develops normally. As a jungler, he must not become the lowest position in the team's economy.

In addition, after clearing the jungle, you have to spare time to support the capture and press the line, and then find the right time to control the dragon and lead the line. Remember to know how to harvest in team battles. All of this is the duty of the jungler. If you do anything less, you will be punished by your teammates. To blame, they will always be the "blame the blame" position. There is no advantage in the early stage, and it is also because the jungler does not have the rhythm. Finally, he has an advantage in the early stage. Unfortunately, if everyone does not push the tower, it is blamed for the jungler not being able to fight dragons.

If you lose, blame the jungler. If you win, you will praise the shooter. The jungler is in charge of the rhythm in the early stage, and then transfers to the shooter in the later stage. One, then continue to push the tower and break through the crystal, where is the aura of the jungler? nowhere to be seen.