The peak game scored 2400 points, and the veteran hero Arthur was highly discussed. (two)

2022-12-16 15:27

The peak game scored 2400 points, and the veteran hero Arthur was highly discussed. (two)

After studying Arthur ’s mechanism and restrained heroes, we compared them with other heroes. The easy-to-use fighters are not limited to Arthur. Dian Wei is also outstanding. The characteristics are all based on simplicity. The skill slashes and slashes back to blood, and after the ultimate skill locks on the target, it uses a short displacement attack.

Players chose Dian Wei without hesitation based on their mechanics and appearance alone. However, analyzing the performance and price of these two fighters from the data, Arthur is actually better. Arthur’s appearance rate is only 4.2%, but His winning rate is 47.31%. On the other hand, Dian Wei’s appearance rate is 1.7%, and his winning rate is only a humble 42.95%. The extremely low appearance rate and winning rate are enough to prove that Dian Wei cannot survive in the canyon this season, and his performance is limited. When you reach the high-end game, you will find that Arthur's combat power is far superior to Dian Wei's. There are countless advantages, so why are players not interested in this hero, and they look down on him?

upper limit is not high

That's right, this fighter is strong, but he is always a "Limited Company". He is a crispy nemesis. He can easily kill shooters or mages instantly. In the confrontation route, he may be the disadvantaged side. The source of speed comes from equipment. Before the equipment is formed, or when the economy is backward, Arthur is also killed by assassins in seconds. Facing some tank heroes, Arthur's output is relatively weak, and the damage is like scraping. How do players choose to start? ?

In terms of frankness, he is not as good as a conventional tank, and in terms of output, he is not as good as a popular fighter like Yao. To sum up his combat effectiveness, it should be that he is omnipotent in front of Crispy, but a bit incompetent on the side. Going back to the side lane hero option, there are plenty of T0 and T1 fighters, such as Lü Bu for group control, An Xin with strong single-armed ability, Hua Mulan with high flexibility, etc. Some players said that they need to make up for the confrontation lane , Teammates will choose Lu Bu with a lineup with weak teamfighting ability, and choose Anxin when they encounter a lineup with strong teamfighting ability.

In the lane, Arthur has a low fault tolerance rate and limited damage. If you want to kill the opposing fighter, you must hand in all the skills. Arrests.