The peak game scored 2400 points, and the veteran hero Arthur was highly discussed.

2022-12-16 15:25

The peak game scored 2400 points, and the veteran hero Arthur was highly discussed.

As a veteran hero , what's your opinion of Arthur? Players' reactions to him are quite polarized. Some think that Arthur is extremely powerful, and his simple and easy-to-use mechanism is the nemesis of a large number of heroes, while others think he is like a "weak chicken". King of Glory, this hero has long been eliminated, the mechanism is mediocre, and it is difficult to enter the hall of elegance.

Since this fighter was used by King Arthur to play the peak game, and his score soared to 2400, he has once again become a highly discussed figure in the canyon. Players have re-discussed whether Arthur is really worthy of being used for scoring or qualifying , After playing such an impressive record, what is so strong about him?

Say Goodbye to Fancy Heroes

The canyon is constantly adding new heroes, and it is more difficult to get started. Take Yuange , the fourth Yuanmeng skin recently launched as an example. It summons puppets to attack the opponent, and you can click the skills to change positions at any time. The four skills are very complicated. Even if you write down the skill connection circulated on the Internet, it may not be effective. In addition, Luna, Jing, Gongsunli and other heroes with a lot of displacement are dazzled just watching them show off their skills. Only by relying on Donghuang Taiyi's suppressing skills to keep them all in place can they be defeated. Kill, if you are a handicapped party, with an Arthur in your hand, with the silence of the second skill, you will immediately save all your worries. He is a hero who specializes in restraining bells and whistles.

simple and rude

To describe Arthur 's mechanism, the editor will use the four words "simple and rude". Among many fighters, he is not difficult to use, the operation is very simple, the attributes and skills are comprehensive, the mechanism is not difficult to understand, passive and blood recovery, one The skills can be accelerated, can play a silent effect, and mark the enemy, the second skill summons the holy shield to surround itself, the third skill is a short-distance displacement attack, after using up the three skills, seeing the opponent's remaining blood, add a beheading summoner skill, This is how the crispy skin is harvested.

You who are new, maybe play two or three games with Arthur, and you can easily grasp the knowledge about him. As for the equipment, you can choose half-meat, which is frank and does not lose output. In addition, Arthur Keye, Kefu, Kebian, some people even tried to use him to play the development lane, and successfully suppressed the opposite shooter, which is admirable.