The sensation of the atmosphere of Serie A competition is like the past

2021-02-11 10:13

The sensation of the atmosphere of Serie A competition is like the past

The times when Juventus, AC Milan and Inter stood on a par were like repeating ones.

By: Frederikus Bata / Journalist Republika

A few days ago, AC Milan won Campione d'Inverno status. In Indonesian it means Milan won the latest edition of the half season.

Not a crown to be proud of. It's just a marker for a team's journey after passing 19 Serie A Serie A giornata. But for the red-black squad, this fact is a big step.

There was hope arising from the changing room for the Il Diavolo crew. A big team that is still far from their natural habitat. The red-and-black troop with past achievements, as if awakened from a long sleep.

However, Milan is currently not targeted to be champions. Rossoneri officials often say the realistic targets of his team, which are important are better than last season. If last season, Zlatan Ibrahimovic et al won a Europa League ticket, now Milan's hope is towards the Champions League.

As time went on, the San Siro jugador seemed to have crossed the line. Despite being hit by a storm of injuries, Stefano Pioli's foster children remain firmly on the throne. As far as the 2020/2021 season goes, this fashion city elite club has only experienced two defeats.

But again, keep in mind, there are still dozens of matches in sight. Other competitors are also cleaning up. Inter Milan in the runner-up seat is getting increasingly trengginas.

Inter have clung to their city rivals. After completing 20 matches, the Nerazzurri are still two points behind the Rossoneri. Now the competition is entering its most busy period.

It's no secret, when February comes, big teams have to start raising their guard. Apart from fighting in the domestic realm, the duel in Europe also continued. There are matches almost every three days.

It applies every season. Especially when in the last year, the world was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. A number of elite teams often complain about scheduling.

At this point, Inter have what could be called a golden opportunity. Kans to chase Milan and get away from the line behind him, wide open. Why is that?

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