The video game skin event was launched, and Liu Chan's enhanced winning rate soared to 51%.

2023-06-03 14:32

The video game skin event was launched, and Liu Chan's enhanced winning rate soared to 51%.

Recently, Glory of Kings has launched a series of video game skin activities. The most surprising thing is that Liu Chan’s new skin can be obtained for free by completing tasks. The quality is epic. Netizens call it the most conscientious activity. There is nothing about the skin that makes people think that it is free goods, and the style of video games can be said to be very friendly to the people. The skin of this event alone directly pushed Liu Chan's winning rate to the peak.

New skins help appearance rate

After the skin is launched, the hero's appearance rate will increase accordingly. This is the law of the glory of the king. Not only is the new skin launched, but the plan is also secretly strengthened for Liu Chan. It seems that he intends to improve the stats of this support. After all, there are not many players to play. Of those who came and went, most of them were softly assisted by Sun Bin, and hard assisted by Zhang Fei. Don’t underestimate Liu Chan, he is an artifact for dismantling towers, and his skills can also play combo effects, but because the CD of the skill is a bit long, so the combo is always interrupted halfway, and now the plan is to reduce the CD reduction of the 2 skills, and now the skills will be connected. It is smoother and makes opponents doubt their lives. Coupled with tank attributes, it is inevitable that the data will start to rise.

Liu Chan strengthens, winning streak continues

Liu Chan has been strengthened, but it is inevitable to be weak in the early stage. The soldiers cannot take care of themselves. Before the CD is fully stacked, he cannot achieve continuous control at all. The platoon, as a support, must focus on protecting teammates. Seeing that the number of opponents is small, they can stick to the C position, grab and hit or even kill in seconds.

Liu Chan returns to the canyon, and gamers really can't grasp his outfits for a moment. This version recommends buying Jiying, Resistance Shoes, Extreme Cold Storm, Mirror of Shape, Guardian of Eternal Night, and Ominous Omen. Jiying can provide skill CDs, coupled with extreme cold storms and inscriptions, 40% skill reduction is enough, allowing Liu Chan to play the continuous control effect as soon as possible, and the ominous sign to play the deceleration effect, which is convenient for retaining people.

Since the launch of the new skin and the news of the enhancement, many players have started to use Liu Chan to score points, and have frequently won consecutive victories. Friends who have not reached the rank of the strongest king may consider giving up output heroes and using the current hot Liu Chan played in qualifying and won countless stars easily. The operation is simple and easy to control.