This Milan legend encourages Juventus to win the Scudetto

2021-01-25 02:05

This Milan legend encourages Juventus to win the Scudetto

Weah saw Juve's background as the ruler of the Italian League for the last decade.

MONROVIA - AC Milan legend George Weah thinks Juventus remains the favorite of the Scudetto this season. Why isn't Milan the champion? Weah saw Juve's background as the ruler of the Italian League, the Serie Anyaris in the last decade.

"First of all, because when I was a kid I was a Bianconeri supporter. Secondly, because they have won the Scudetto for the last nine years," said the figure who is now president of Liberia in an interview with Gazzetta , quoted by Football Italia , Saturday (23/1) .

Weah reminisced about his childhood in Africa when he often watched French League and Serie A shows. He saw the legendary figure of Michel Platini with the Old Lady.

From then on, Weah began to bond with Juve. "Then life took me to Milan, where I found a special family and environment. Milan gave me everything, but I continue to support Juve," said Weah.

What about the chances of AC Milan this season considering the Rossoneri are top of the table? Weah assess Milan has started a new chapter brilliantly.

Naturally, a winning mentality is in the club's DNA. "I don't know if they will win the title, but they will fight until the end," he said.

The duo of aging stars are shining in Serie A this season, namely Ibrahimovic representing AC Milan and Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus. Weah praised the first-class footballers.

First about Ibra. He sees that the Swedish striker has yet to lose his passion despite being nearly 40. Zlatan remains focused, works hard and gives everything on the pitch.

Second, Ronaldo. Weah feels the Portugal captain is proof that hard training and discipline can take a person to unexpected stages. "He is not the best in the world, but he has trained a lot to be the best," said the figure who once defended Paris Saint Germain.

Weah claims to be a Ronaldo fan. He sees CR7 always showing humility and is striving for his current achievements.

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