Tianmei loves holiday skins, and cartoon skins may be available on Children's Day.

2023-03-31 15:16

Tianmei loves holiday skins, and cartoon skins may be available on Children's Day.

A while ago, the experience server of Glory of Kings was enhanced for Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, and the feel was greatly improved. According to Tianmei’s consistent law, every time the hero’s strength increases, it means that the relevant hero will soon have a new skin. The reason is very simple. Who will replace it? If a weak hero buys new clothes, is it possible to buy them as collectibles? In order to sell skins, the official has no choice but to strengthen heroes, attract players to buy them, and then go to the field to show off their operations and skills. This is the marketing method of King of Glory.

The skins are constantly exposed, and the potential new skins of Guan Yu and Liu Bei are circulating on the Internet. Although there are only semi-finished products, at least everyone understands what kind of style the skin will take. According to the blogger, the two are both opera skins, with two banners behind them. Prominent, black is afraid to match red and green, just like Peking Opera, similar to Monkey King's "Monkey King", maybe the skin has its own background music.

In addition, netizens speculated that King of Glory plans to launch the "Taoyuan Jieyi" skin. There are works by Liu Bei and Guan Yu. The listeners have a share. The enhanced Zhang Fei should also have the same series of skins. The three brothers came to King of Glory to sing opera together .

Children's Day Skin

Tianmei, who loves festive skins, always chooses to launch limited editions on specific days, such as 520 Festival, Glory China Festival, Valentine's Day, etc. Don't think that the e-sports game Glory of Kings has a lot of adult players, and there are actually many underage players. Players, they don’t have spending power, but their parents do. Children must be rewarded on Children’s Day, and they might choose to buy game skins. The skin attracts it.

It is said that Cai Wenji will have a racing car skin wearing sunglasses, and she will form a CP with Lan and Liu Chan casually, and Liu Chan’s robot console will be replaced by the Cao Cao console of a game console. The two main styles are cartoons or video games. Assassin, because the officials tried to match Cai Wenji and Lan as a pair, due to the age gap, they dare not make it clear that Lan and Cai Wenji are a couple. The three heroes will release new skins together, so they will not be afraid of being gossiped by others.