With the new equipment developed by the private sector, Hainuo's winning rate has increased instead of falling. (two)

2023-12-09 14:18

With the new equipment developed by the private sector, Hainuo's winning rate has increased instead of falling. (two)

The consumption flow of the Mask Ice Staff is mainly to stack up the cooldown of Hainuo skills, and at the same time cause negative effects to the target. The Prophecy of Time increases the tankiness, at least use the ultimate move to stand still, and it is not easy to kill on the spot. The disadvantage of the whole set is that it explodes Not enough, the maximum penetration is only 263 points. Some players will replace the Breath of Ice with the Void Staff in the later stage to increase the magic penetration benefits. After all, in the later stage, everyone is fully equipped and the slowdown effect is not obvious.

The Hainuo mechanism is inherently insufficient in explosive power.

The cooldown stack is full and easy to consume, but players must bear the consequences of low bursts. In the later stage, the enemy's endurance equipment can easily defeat monsters and restore health with basic attacks. In addition, the melee ability is too weak, and they basically stand in the distance and throw toothpicks desperately to reduce the health. The damage of low-level heroes will be attenuated, and they play like tool men, but their functions are not as good as Zhang Liang and Wang Zhaojun.

Hainuo is a dual-form mage , but people often overlook the melee damage of the second skill. In the long-range form, only one skill can be used for output. The second skill's displacement function is to avoid skills and escape, and the ultimate skill is completely an escape skill. The basic damage is not very high, and the mechanism lacks control. It is difficult to kill heroes alone in the early and mid-term. In addition, the CD of the first and second skills is fast enough. Only frequent consumption and movement can increase the survival rate. The flexibility makes it difficult to defeat, so Hainuo It's impossible to play explosive. This set of outfit ideas is most suitable for you who like to play long-range form.

Folk swords take the avant-garde style

To throw toothpicks from a distance, consider pairing it with Mask of Pain and Breath of Ice for consumption. The second skill can flexibly dodge attacks, and the ultimate skill can backtrack and run away to deceive the enemy's skills. Hainuo always has two forms. Some players believe that the melee function cannot be wasted. Instead of playing too passively, it is better to strike first and fight the enemy with tankiness and health. The folk master has developed a set of sword-playing styles. Its equipment includes the Boots of Calmness, Book of Devouring Gods, Prophecy of Time, Clothes of Broken Cocoon, Ominous Omens and Book of Sages. The inscriptions are the same as the consumption flow.

The power of this set of equipment lies in its high tankiness and endurance, especially in melee combat. Since using the second skill close to the face will trigger the passive and increase the blood volume, plus the blood volume brought by the equipment, it is enough. So much more than 12,000 points.