Zhao Huaizhen's winning rate exceeds 50%, and the real wounded hero is the biggest natural enemy.

2022-12-14 15:15

Zhao Huaizhen's winning rate exceeds 50%, and the real wounded hero is the biggest natural enemy.

At present, Zhao Huaizhen is the most topical hero in the canyon . Everyone is discussing how to play this warrior well. After all, it has only been online recently, and it will take a while to get used to it. It is not easy for a master to get started. , after some research, high-end players agreed that Zhao Huaizhen's best way to play is the magic ball flow, and the outfit is like a secret letter. Just replace the electric knife with a shadow battle axe. This warrior needs more cooldown time to refresh his skills. Ma Chao, after clearing the line, go to other lanes for support.

Now that the equipment and gameplay are ready, the players show off in the qualifying competition. After playing for a while, everyone guess what Zhao Huaizhen's winning rate is? The new hero has been online for a few days. The winning rate of the whole division is 49.85%, and the winning rate of the top game is 48.03%. As for the peak game, the winning rate exceeds 50%. The intensity is not bad. The first week is still under development. As a fighter, it is difficult to get started. Therefore, Zhao Huaizhen's winning rate hovers around 45%. The data needs to be updated, but there is an increasing trend. It is estimated that it will be marked as T1 in the near future, or even close to T0. .5 heroes.

Although it is positioned as a warrior , it can be sidelined, wild, and auxiliary, but most of them are used by players to fight in the jungle and carry meat knives. The main reason is that his passive will cause double damage to wild monsters. It seems a bit disadvantageous not to use it in the jungle. He has restrained many mages and shooters, and has become a crispy new nightmare. The strength needs to be adjusted by the official. I am afraid that he will definitely be the "son of the version" during this period.

Chang'e absorbs energy, Dianwei is exempt from control

The mechanism is very strong, but unfortunately it is not invincible, there are always heroes who can restrain Zhao Huaizhen, and there are many of them? The first hero is Chang'e. She is a stabbing hero with a low appearance rate and a high winning rate. She is a special mage for masters and high-end games. She was developed as a jungler. Heroes with blue stripes hate Chang'e very much because of her unique secrets It is to suck mana back and forth blood, Zhou Huaizhen has no mana bar, and uses his passive energy to play various combos, 4 energy, which is the core of his passive, and Chang'e also has the ability to absorb energy, without energy, You can't brush out the passive.

Another kind of hero that restrains Zhao Huaizhen is a hero that specializes in fighting real injuries, such as Dian Wei, Marco Polo, Lu Bu, etc. Zhao Huaizhen's ability is passive energy and control. Dian Wei has the ability to disarm Zhao Huaizhen. After freeing himself from control, he slashed wildly, Zhao Huai really couldn't escape even if he wanted to.