Tournament Highlights

1 Belwyn finished the pre-pass shot and made a contribution. The Netherlands 2-0 defeated Norway and returned to the World Cup finals after 8 years..
2 Moore Savior, Hazard in the center post, Wales 1-1 draw with Belgium to lock play-off qualification..
3 The Bulls three-star combined score of 91 points to take the Lakers, Davis was shot 20+6 into the empty cut in three quarters
4 Kane staged his big four in 15 minutes, England beat San Marino 10-0 through Qatar
5 Italy 0-0 boring, Northern Ireland missed the direct qualifying
6 The Hornets locked in double figures and the Warriors lost 102-106 away and stopped for seven consecutive victories
7 Morata scored a supplementary shot to seal the victory, Spain repelled Sweden's top spot 1-0
8 Tadic shot and made meritorious deeds, Mitrović staged a lore, Portugal 1-2 was reversed by Sevilla and missed the lead to the World Cup
9 Kudriashov presents his own gift to decide the victory, Croatia 1-0 victory over Russia to enter the World Cup
10 Depai scored twice with a point shot, but the defense failed to finish the first 10 points and missed two goals in a row. The Netherlands was tied 2-2 by Montenegro away..
11 Ramsey scored with two guns, Wales beat Belarus 5-1..
12 Bentek passed a shot and made meritorious deeds, Carrasco's World Wave was the icing on the cake, Belgium beat Estonia 3-1 to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar..
13 Mbappe's fourth birthday, Benzema's double guns are the icing on the cake, France 8 "eggs" bloodbath Kazakhstan clears the Qatar World Cup...
14 Di Maria set the stage, Suarez in the center, Argentina 0-1 defeated Uruguay to advance to the spot..
15 The legendary Barcelona star Alves's wonderful goals..
16 "Iron Flower" withered, Wolverhampton Wanderers and England national team legend Flavors passed away at the age of 87..
17 Kane wears a cap, Henderson's passing shot is the icing on the cake, England beat Albania 5-0..
18 Huang Heecan made a shot and made a contribution. Sun Xingmin's center pillar and center beam were rescued again and again. South Korea beat the UAE 1-0..
19 Sane and Muller each fired two cannons, Baku made great contributions to the world wave, Hoffer was dyed red, and the German 9 "eggs" were presented to Liechtenstein..
20 Mane was injured and replaced, and Thiaro was a thrilling savior before finishing, Senegal drew a 1-1 away to Togo..

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