Tournament Highlights

1 Ishinacho blasted into the double gun, Nigeria 2-0 victory in the Beria scored a good start..
2 Argentina defeats ten people 3-1, Venezuela wins away
3 Italy draws 1-1 by Bulgaria and loses at home
4 Werner and Sane both scored and made great achievements, Germany 2-0 Lek Liechtenstein away victory
5 England swept Hungary 4-0 to win four straight
6 Spain wins 2-1 reversed by Sweden
7 Your successor is you! Barcelona officials announced that Fati will inherit Messi's No. 10.
8 Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice with a header to complete the countdown lore, Portugal 2-1 reversal of the Irish home victory
9 Leaving Germany for the first time in Ligue 1, Boateng joined Lyon..
10 Gas and Mailer scored two goals in the start to seal the victory, and Denmark 2-0 overtook Scotland to take the top spot in Group F
11 Harland and Klassen each have one place, Norway and the Netherlands shook hands 1-1..
12 Griezmann tied the score with a lucky ball, the ten-man France drew 1-1 at home with Bosnia and Herzegovina
13 Joining hands with Benitez again, Long Dong joined Everton freely..
14 The Su Super striker who made all Premier League fans crazy is here! Edward joins Crystal Palace..
15 The sign of the necrotic enemy is here! Lao An Jianyang joins Arsenal...
16 Cannot buy Mbappé but still bought another French demon star. Real Madrid officials announced the signing of Kamavenga..
17 Liverpool's eyes are gone! Saul joined Chelsea on loan. The contract includes a buyout clause..
18 Together with Olmer and Martinez, Moriba joins Red Bull Leipzig..
19 "La Masia's Afro" is here! Brighton officials announced the signing of Cucurella...
20 Keane joins Juventus on loan to return to Serie A

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